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Get Hepsitr Address

Get a free membership to address in Turkey.


Make Your Shopping

Use the free address given to you when shopping from online stores located in Turkey.


When your products reach us, all packages are combined and shipped on your behalf.


Get a free address from Turkey and start shopping

Make purchases at any online stores in Turkey, will send to the address you want your product.

  • Contracted Shipping Companies
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  • 100% Reliable
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1. Sign-up For Free

Subscribe to and get your free address from my addresses section.

2. Start Shopping

Do your shopping from online stores located in Turkey. When you are shopping, write the free address provided by Hepsitr as the recipient address.

3. Fill out the package forwarding form

After you have done your shopping, log on to and fill out the form in the package forwarding section. When your products reach us, we will inform you by email. You must fill out the form for each store you shop.

4. Top up your Hepsitr Account.

After logging into, you can load credit to your account from the top up credit section. Your payments are deducted from your credit and you can use your remaining balance in your next orders.

5. When your products are complete, we will send them

After all the products you have purchased reach us, we will send your products to the address you want.

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